Turn On! Chicago 2008
Chicago, Illinois
The Big Monk Lumber Company
booth at Turn On! Chicago.  This
was taken in the quiet of Friday
morning, before most of the
attendees had arrived.

Shirley is checking out the
breakfast menu.
Ruth Niles seems to follow me around to
most of these events.  This is her booth,
right next to some of the Big Monk wood.
Selection of hollowing tools,
gouges, handles and videos at
John Jordan's booth.
Vicki Jordan and Ruth Niles sharing a
moment while waiting for the after lunch
crowd in the vendor area.
Hollow forms by Ruth Niles in
the Instant Gallery.
Yes, Binh Pho was
there, along with his
beautiful work.
An assortment of boxes and an
oval platter from Alan Lacer.
Hard to miss these beautiful
forms of John Jordan's.
New work and amazing textures
from Jacques Vesery.
A little something
that Paul Shotola
whipped up and
then donated to
the auction.
Having a little fun at the banquet - (from left) Jacques Vesery, Richard
Belzer, Binh Pho (complete with bunny ears), John Jordan and David
Ellsworth, all just waiting for dinner.
Mary Lacer was in
attendance and her name
tag proves it!
(Demonstrator's wife,
banquet only.)
Everyone's smiling - food must be on the way!
More work from the Instant Gallery - left to right, pieces from Arn Ward, Jason Swanson and
Barbara Crockett.  One lesson learned from this is to use something other than maroon
tablecloths to best present the turnings.