SWAT 2008
Waco, Texas
Lot's of people are responsible for making this show a class act, but
none more so than the Tolleys.  Johnny and Jimmy and Marcia were
everywhere and doing everything.  You couldn't pay enough to have
this kind of help running an event.  We'll see you again soon!
Here's a partial look at the Big Monk
Lumber Company booth.  As always, a
big selection and lots of show specials.
Bruce Hoover and The Sanding Glove made the trek from
the Eastern Shore all the way to Waco.
Here are the guys from
Spa City Woodworks.
Lyle Jamieson was busy at his
booth in between his
Ruth Niles was there and her
booth was a great meeting spot for
everyone.  She was always busy.
Vicki Jordan was running the show
as husband John was attending a
metal working seminar.
Victor and Sharon from Best Wood
Tools were kept busy as well.
Betty Scarpino and Vicki
Jordan pose on the trade
show floor.
Demonstrators Gary Sanders and
Mark St Leger enjoy a break
between rotations.
I was not very diligent about taking pictures of all the incredible things in the Instant
Gallery.  A couple things that caught my eye - another of Matthew Hill's incredible
boxes (top left), and Cedar angel ornaments that were just too cute.  The small bowl
is segmented Corian with a Purpleheart collar done by Andy Chen, which he
donated to the 2-for-1 raffle.  Looked like alabaster, it was thin enough to be
transparent.  The Corian was mottled white in color.  Beautiful piece.