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So, what about us?  And why the funny name?

Well, in a magical kingdom far, far away . . .  Okay, never mind.  This just seemed
natural once I started woodturning as a hobby.  My wife gets along with people and
hasn't seemed to mind riding in the truck around the country while we chase down
the next show.  We try to bring products to woodturners that they enjoy and look for
and it’s given us the chance to travel and make new friends.  
Now, as far as the name Big Monk, it’s
certainly more catchy than Pete’s
Hardwoods.  Big Monk was the favorite
stuffed animal of one of our
granddaughters, Emily Elizabeth.  She
never went anywhere without her stuffed
monkey tagging along.  Emily named the
little guy Big Monk and since they both
spent so much time out in the shop while I
re-sawed turning squares or coated them
with wax, and since Emily was determined
she was going to help us out, "Big Monk"
seemed like a natural fit.

That’s our story and we’re stickin’ to it . . .

Pete & Shirley Kekel
Big Monk Lumber Company
Erlanger, Kentucky


. . . and, just for fun . . .

Do you ever come across those pictures that you wish everyone could
see?  Here are some of ours.
Baby Ella - the granddaughter of one of my
work mates.  Yes, she has the personality
to pull off this look!
This is a relative (niece, grandniece?) of
Scotty Bowman celebrating the 2008
Stanley Cup victory by
the Detroit Red Wings.
This little turner is Ruthie and I had the
pleasure of meeting her and her father at
the Unicoi Symposium this past fall.  Her
smile just melts your heart.