Some For Fun, Some For Interest, Some of Our Friends
Ruth Niles:  Stainless steel
bottle stoppers, tutorials
and Carpe Lignum
merchandise.  New T-shirts!
Kim Blatt:  Stunning works
using beautiful woods.  Also
offers instructions.
Molly Winton:  Stylized
turnings fit for royalty.  A
rising Star in the community.
Jennifer Shirley:  A full
range of turnings, all with a
flair for the unique.  
Remember you knew her
when . . .
John Jordan:  Here is the
connection to John and his
wonderful work.  A true
Also has his tools and
articles linked.
WoodCentral:  The place
for answers to all things
wood related.  A great place
to hang out and make
Russ Fairfield:  Here's the
answers to your
questions.  The true
low-down with honest
solutions, this is a link to
his archived articles.  
Barbara Gill:  Fun web
site to browse - from
turnings to bar-b-que to
Bloody Mary's.
Keith Burns :  Hollow
forms (and more) that are
perfect.  They just keep
getting better.
Max Krimmel:  Turned
alabaster with the best
tutorial on the web.  Fun
AAW:  The Mother Ship.  
Visit this site to keep up on
the latest happenings in
the turning world.
Carole Valentine:  A great
sense of style and form.  
Hard to tell the size of
these perfect little gems.
African Blackwood
Conservation Project:
Follow this link to learn
about tree saving efforts in
Arbor Day Foundation:  
Want to really learn about
trees?  This is the place.  
Your chance to make the
world better.
Jacques Vesery:  Ever
wonder what people mean
when they say 'Wood Art'?  
Click this link to find the
Lindow-White Machine
Ready for
something different?  
Ornamental turning has to
start here.  Take a look!
Australian Burls:  If
you're going to turn these,
this is the place to get
them from.  Huge
Ted Sokolowski:  Want to
turn peppermills?  Check
out this site to see some
of the classiest ones
around.  Also an
instructional DVD offered.
Arnold Ward:  No, not
just ordinary turnings.  If
you've seen us at a show
and noticed all the
turnings in the booth, Arn
is the guy.