Orange Wax
Big Monk Lumber Company
Fancy Stuff For Woodturners
ORANGE WAX -  Real wood loves this
wonderfully zesty wax.  Its unique blend of
natural ingredients not only makes it ideal
for cleansing and preserving chopping
boards, wooden bowls and any other
cooking and serving utensils, it also infuses
them all with the tangy zest of freshly peeled
LAVENDER WAX -  Fill your home with a
lavender mist.  Used regularly, Mr Town
Talk's unique blend of natural oils and waxes
will not only restore and protect the natural
beauty of your wooden floors and furniture,
but lift your spirits with the fragrant scent of
freshly-picked lavender.  Imagine this inside
a jewelry box or a turned box on a nightstand.
FURNITURE WAX -  Mr Town Talk's Furniture
Wax is ideal for all antique and fine quality
modern furniture.  Used carefully, it will both
restore the intrinsic beauty of wood and
provide lasting resistance to fingermarks
and spilled liquids.  Its special properties
also offer a high degree of protection
against woodworm.  Great to use on turnings
$14.00 / 5oz Tin
$14.00 / 5oz Tin
$14.00 / 5oz Tin
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"Although much of my work is colored with acrylics, in many cases I allow the natural material to show on parts of my
pieces. Whenever I do, I turn to Town Talk wax. Both the orange and lavender waxes are the best I have used and I
rely on them for finishing wood, and also stone pieces, almost daily."
  Jacques Vesery 2008